The King's Blazon The King's Will

There was once a King who ruled with Wit and Wisdom;
but, as he grew in Age and Power, there appeared many Flaws in his Judgement,
and his Kingdom began to wane...

And yet, there was Hope!
There remained a few among the King's Subjects who recognised the Madness in His Mind, and they lamented long his Greed and Anger. Their Hearts ached, but Fear of the King's Wrath kept their voices Quiet. But not all Remained so...

In London Town stirred two of the King's most loyal Servants.
Yes: the Fool, an embittered and gangling Poet of Ugandan Origin, and the Vassal, an elfin Englishman most gifted in the ways of Electronica - to form an Alliance to save the King's Realm from Ruin.

And so they, this Body Poetronic, travel the World from Ear to Ear; telling Tales both merry and melancholy, writing many Sequences of Works to rouse the King and his Subjects, so that All might Flourish.

The King's Will
Purveyors of Fine Electronica
By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen