The King's Blazon The King's Will
THE KING 15:32 - March 28th - Anno Regis
I love my Subjects,
These bright riotous Days.
I love them more than ever.
They have set my mind against all that is Coarse and Vulgar.
THE KING 20:56 - March 22nd - Anno Regis
The Tides break upon this Anvil.
As I stand, so shall I be as I Imagined.
Hark the Sounds.
THE KING 09:11 - February 1st - Anno Regis
Do I let it go? She is right - the status quo is not sustainable. None of this is.
They are all right - those unrepentant sinners with their sharp tongues.
Do I let it go?
I would open the floodgates.
THE KING 06:44 - January 29th - Anno Regis
Never give in.
THE KING 03:14 - November 2nd - Anno Regis
I feel the limits of equilibrium, the very verge of toppling.
The moment turns, and I can take no more.
THE KING 14:22 - October 22nd - Anno Regis
There was a better time, when all men dreamed as I dream.
THE KING 04:23 - October 20th - Anno Regis
Perhaps God does play dice?
Man's many pathways are but strands of one cloth.
I do not pity those at the fraying edge.
THE KING 18:41 - April 22nd - Anno Regis
Comments or Jokes regarding Security will be taken as a Threat to the Facility and may lead to Arrest.
She knows.
She knows!
THE KING 14:27 - Feburary 13th - Anno Regis
People, my loyal people. Why do the words echo in the corridors? When the time comes, who will stand and fight?
THE KING 22:24 - January 17th - Anno Regis
The Fool and the Vassal continue with their Inane Babblings. Warmongers. I Long for Peace.